Hedge Trimming

What's involved in hedge trimming

Hedge trimming is essential for both formal and informal hedges. New hedges require trimming regularly for the first couple of years after planting in order to build strength. After this, maintenance should be carried out once or twice a year for informal hedges to ensure they stay compact and dense, and upto three times yearly for formal hedges.

Trimming is conducted on all types of hedges for a number of reasons. A well maintained hedge provides a good strong boundary to a garden or field and they need trimming so that they don't grow out of shape, too wide or bare outside. Tidy hedges will significantly improve the appearance of the surrounding area but if left unchecked can get over-run quite quickly. Regular hedge trimming also stimulates new growth, and on flowering or fruit bushes will help ensure a regular yield.

Here at Tree Kings we have all the necessary equipment and experience to help you with all types of hedge trimming. So for more information or a quote please get in touch.